Hulkebono is a super secret identity

The Hulk meets Chad “Akebono” Rowan meets a hypothetical high school Shogi playing-phenom (ie, a “dropout”).


Hulk is a cartoon character who seems strong.







Akebono is a large American who went to Japan and kicked ass in sumo.



The hypothetical high school phenom loves playing Japanese chess, Shogi. He also dropped out of high school to get his equivalency a year early. He has not taken the exam. He does play CSGo.


Mix the three together and you get …





In 2019, Hulkebono ventured out from behind the Coco Chanel Curtain to live with his non-mentor, absent-minded-Professor-by-night, civil-rights-advocate-by-day Father.


Neither likes doing laundry. Toilet seat position is an afterthought.


Hulkebono currently resides in the lower-level of his grandparents’ place.

Hilarity ensues.